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Welcome to  It was in 1969 my family and I started in registered Angus west of Tryon, NE.  It was our goal to raise and develop a set of registered cows that were practical and range-efficient for our area, as the environment will dictate which cattle are successful.  Back then we had commercial cows, but we were already weighing calves and adjusting weaning weight to 205 days.  We were also artificially inseminating, so it just seemed natural to make the leap into registered Angus. Back then we had carcass-evaluated three of our herd sires, but when ultrasound came into use we started using it extensively on both bulls and heifers throughout the year.

A purchase we made in 1976 really set the foundation for the future of Daigger Angus.  We bought a semi-load of cows that were bred to Bando 234 Ideal 112874.  Those cows' daughters were truly awesome.  We bred them to P.S. Power Play and continued to use him with great success for some time.  Some of the AI sires we have followed up with are: Rito 2100, Hunts Calculator, Bon View Bando 598, New Trend 315, EXT, California Traveler, Sitz Alliance, Daigger 901, Future Direction, Bushwacker 41-93, Alberda Traveler, Paramount Ambush, 6807, and Bando 155.  We have used additional sires, but this list gives an idea of the kind of bulls we like to use.  Recently, we have been using In Focus, Foresight, Final Answer, Predestined, and a son of Predestined called Mission. 

As for some highlights, we bred and raised J D Daigger 901 which sired tremendous females, had good carcass traits, and had great calving ease.  We also bred and raised J D Blackcap 3003 which ranks very high in the Angus population for marbling.  She sold to 44Farms for $48,000.  As of the writing of this letter, she is currently ranked 9th in IMF for proven dams.

Daigger Angus has an annual production bull sale at the Ranch Headquarters southeast of North Platte on the first Tuesday in April.  Most of the cattle are summered at the ranch west of Tryon and come home to Headquarters at calving time.  We are still increasing our numbers in the Red Angus and are continuing to breed and improve our black herd.  Our daughter Ruth and her husband David keep acquiring more registered cows and sell bulls in our sale.  Ruth is doing most of the registration paperwork, and David does most of the now along with designing and maintaining this website.  Both are involved in the day-to-day operations of the ranch, as am I and my wife, Pat.  If you have any questions or if we can further assist you in any way, please feel free to call or stop by.





John Daigger, 2009


John and Pat Daigger 2011
Orr Family 2011