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Keen Edge Genetics for Progressive Cattlemen

J D Pay Dirt 546

Topping the 2016 Daigger - Orr Angus Bull Sale, J D Pay Dirt 546 is the Payweight 1682 son you have been searching for!  Huge topped, wide based and sound - Pay Dirt has more extension through his front end and more overall power than virtually any other 1682.  Out of a good-uddered, sound footed three-year-old cow - Pay Dirt's individual performance includes a 110 weaning ratio, 109 yearling ratio, 115 ribeye ratio and a 142 IMF ratio!  Validated with GGP DNA data, Pay Dirt is currently the number one son of 1682 for marbling and $B.  Contact Beef-360 today to "strike it rich" with J D Pay Dirt 546.  Current progeny ratios are at 101 for BR and 103 for WWR.  The bottom photo is Pay Dirt's dam: J D Pride Lassie 3715.


Bartels Asset 402

Our exciting pick and the top-selling Cash son in the Bartels Angus 2015 sale.  A calving ease prospect, he offers superior growth and muscling.  Described as "wide based, clean fronted and structurally perfect with as big of a top and hip as any bull in the offering."  His dam is a donor at Bartels Angus. Her granddam is the mother of Lead On. Semen is available now at Accelerated Genetics with good supply available. You can see the bull for yourself in McCook, Nebraska at Nebraska Bull Service.  Click on the photo below to go to his page at Accelerated Genetics.


 JJR Active Duty 7506

JJR Active Duty 7506 was our selection in the 2018 Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic.  This bull combines a striking phenotype with an outstanding genotype.  His dam is a full sister of Resource, Renown, Recharge, and Heritage.  SAV Blackcap May 4549 was a $27,500 heifer in the 2015 SAV Sale who earned a progeny weaning ratio of 106 on her first natural calf and produced JJR Blackcap May 622, a half sister to this bull, to sell one-half interest for $25,000 as one of the top-sellers of the 2018 National Western Foundation Female Sale.  SAV Blackcap 4549 is currently the #1 Rito 7075 daughter in the breed for both WW and YW.  Her dam, SAV Blackcap May 4136, is one of the most prolific and influential cows in SAV history, producing over 8.5 million in progeny.  His sire RB Active Duty 010 has the power, stature, eye appeal and thickness with the kind of capacity demanded by cowmen today.  His progeny have been topping production sales around the country.




1DRA Deliverance 4006


1DRA Deliverance 4006 was the high-selling bull in our 2015 production sale.  He is a Redemption son designed true to the Red Angus philosophy of fault free, convenience cattle with breed leading EPDs. He’s a great choice for heifers if you want to add some rib and muscle, yet has the performance and carcass to utilize his strengths on cows.  He is doing well in the short grass country of Karval, Colorado at Kravig Red Angus.  Aaron Kravig says his Deliverance calves are easily out-performing his Redemption calves.  Semen is available from Origen.  Click on the photo below to go to Origen.





Trowbridge Wizard 931

Daigger - Orr Angus purchased Trowbridge Wizard 931 at the spring 2010 Trowbridge Angus bull sale in Ghent, New York.  This bull blends herd sire producing Pure Pride and Mignonne families from the mating of the Genex/CRI sire B C Lookout 7024 with Trowbridge Pure Pride 613.  Pure Pride has a progeny birth ratio of 98 combined with a progeny weaning ration of 109 on her first natural calf after selling one-half interest for $23,000 for a $46,000 valuation as the featured Lot 1 female of the 2007 Trowbridge Fall Sale.  The dam of this bull is a full sister to the Accelerated Genetics sire Trowbridge Crusader 614 who was the $75,000 featured Lot 1 bull of the 2006 Trowbridge Fall Sale, and another brother was the $11,500 top-selling Lot 1 bull of the 2009 Trowbridge Bull Sale to Mud Creek Angus.  The grandam of this sire is a full sister to Genex/CRI sire B C Matrix.  Click on Wizard's photograph for EPDs and pedigree.


1DRA Victory 0034

This high-selling bull in the spring 2011 Daigger-Orr Angus Bull Sale sold at 2/3rds interest to Accelerated Genetics and Gill Red Angus of South Dakota.  He is a stout and balanced son of  the popular HXC Conquest with an eye-catching phenotype.  He is wide-based and fleshy, but still athletic and easy-traveling.  At his yearling ultrasound he ratioed 102 for %IMF and 110 for REA.  Semen is available from Accelerated Genetics.  Click on Victory's picture below to be linked to his web page at Accelerated Genetics with more pictures and his EPDs.